About: Allan Densmore

Having served as an entrepreneur, financial advisor, and retirement professional over the course of his career, Allan Densmore ranks as an expert financial strategist. Allan Densmore no longer practices as a Registered Investment Advisor or licensed Insurance Agent.  Working out of Port Charlotte Florida he helps his clients enjoy a stress free retirement by showing them how to obtain how to obtain Discounted Income Contracts that normally provide a far higher income than most retirees realize is possible. Specializing in utilizing the little-known secondary market, Allan Densmore works with his clients to purchase current or future income at a discount as well as shows them how to dramatically increase the return on their short term money.

Widely recognized for his professional acumen and knowledge of the secondary market, Allan Densmore regularly shares his financial expertise in a variety of contexts. He has delivered hundreds of workshops across the US, including finance classes aimed at IRS agents and tax shelter courses designed specifically for CPAs. He also receives frequent invitations to appear as a financial expert on television and the radio. Serving as the host of a popular finance-oriented radio program, Mr. Densmore offered financial advice to listeners in his local region in 2010.

Following the aftermath of the dot-com market crash, Allan Densmore witnessed many clients left in incredibly difficult financial situations, with retired clients affected most severely. Learning from this period, he strives to assist every family in properly preparing to meet their retirement income needs. In addition to facilitating a client’s desired retirement plan, he also offers top-tier financial advice. In this vein, Mr. Densmore delivers insightful, out-of-the-box thinking on providing a retirement income that can be substantially higher than what the public normally finds in the open marketplace today. By specializing in the distribution phase of retirement, Mr. Densmore has learned strategies that at one time may have only been available to the well-connected or well-to-do. Now these strategies are available to his personal clients.

Allan Densmore holds a Bachelor of Arts from Central Washington University, graduating from the Ellensburg, Washington, school with concentrations in Law and Justice. Since initiating his career in 1994, Mr. Densmore has worked to help clients of all ages reach their financial goals.


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