Allan Densmore: Reliability of Income, the New ROI

In his work as a retirement consultant, Allan Densmore informs clients about a method of buying current and future income at discounts. With access to this secret to financial freedom, Mr. Densmore introduces new possibilities for clients to experience much higher income streams in their retirement years than most imagined possible.

When members of the work force ponder their retirement, their thoughts often turn to how they will spend their years after leaving their working life behind. Will they experience financial security? Will they enjoy a stable income and have a happy retirement?

This is where reliability of income enters the picture. This new ROI refers to how asset portfolios are distributed over time. Today, in preparing for retirement, people have to take into consideration the fact that we are living longer than in the past and factor in the greater spending associated with a longer retirement during a longer lifetime. With the aid of a certified financial planner, individuals identify a baseline income for retirement and allocate their assets to produce reliable retirement income. When properly calculated, this structured distribution of assets creates a stable income that lasts throughout retirement.