Allan Densmore: Millionaire Advisor

Based in Fort Myers, Florida, retirement consultant Allan H. Densmore helps clients enjoy their retirement with income streams that take the stress out of their financial affairs. Specializing in helping clients invest in future and current income at reduced rates, Mr. Densmore takes advantage of the secondary market, a little-known strategy in the United States. He published the book Millionaire Advisor as guidance in that regard.

For people approaching retirement, financial security ranks as a top priority. Millionaire Advisor represents the author’s 17 years of experience in the financial services industry. Allan Densmore wrote the book to help readers increase their net worth and to sleep well at night throughout their retirement years.

Written to serve individuals close to retirement, as well as those just starting out in the labor force and people at points in between, Millionaire Advisor addresses several key issues, including the importance of return on investment (ROI) and reliability of income (the new ROI). The book includes such additional information as ways to create income that increases in up markets but does not decrease in downturns and ways to assume a mortgage with little or no money down.